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Sameplace is an erotic bar in Amsterdam, open for everyone. Everybody is welcome, irrespective of gender or sexual preferences.
Sameplace is the café where anything goes and almost everything is allowed, but with the utmost respect for eachother.
At Sameplace you can feel free and safe to live all your erotic fantasies.

On this site you will find information about the café, the house rules, our access policy and here you will find our agenda.


Monday from 19:00 till 24:00 ( gay men only )
Tuesday till Thursday from 20:00 till 1:00
Friday and Saturday from 20:00 till 3:00
Sunday from 22:00 till 3:00

Unfortunately it came to our attention that some taxi drivers in Amsterdam discourage their customers, especially foreigeners, if they want to visit Sameplace.
Instead they bring them to another club in Amsterdam, a club they recommend.
The reason these drivers do that, is they receive a commission from this club for every visitor they bring.
We as the organization of Same Place, find this a very unpleasant development.
Erotic Cafe Sameplace only has small budget to spend and can only keep up with the enthusiastic support of a loyal group of volunteers and regular visitors.
We can't do much against such commercial violence and we regret this action of the taxi world, especially considering the lies being told about our Sameplace.



Nassaukade 120 - Corner 2' Hugo de Groot
1052 EC Amsterdam
Tel: 020 4751981